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The fastest interface.

Act now. Or later.

Quick actions allow you to unstack your inbox in a flash. Archive, mark as important, or place a reminder faster than with any other app.

Everything at hand.

Thanks to a dead-simple navigation, you can quickly access any email you chose to set aside. Everything that matters is now a swipe away.

Work anywhere. Literally.

Nimbly allows you to work on your email even when you have poor or no data service. While offline, Nimbly saves everything you do and syncs it when your phone is online again.

You can keep working anywhere, even on a plane!

Save only what matters.

Get rid of all the noise and only keep the meaningful piece of information from any email. Highlights allow you to save it for later, and you can even delete the original thread.

Forget the deadline.
We won't.

Set up a reminder on a mail and nimbly will notify you when you need to be reminded.

Keep doing what you do best, and you won't forget that deadline.

Pick who deserves your attention.

With VIPs, you see who really matters in your inbox. And with the VIPs only notification mode, you get to choose who can interrupt your work.

Tired of looking for this email?

Try nimbly now. It's free!

Available for FREE on iOS 7+. Currently only compatible with Gmail.

Fast & secure

Faster. Lighter.

With nimbly, email is faster than with any other app and uses 80% less battery and data.

Email won't drain your battery down anymore.

App Battery Consumption

Better. Stronger.

We completely redesigned the way emails are transferred to your device.

Your emails are compressed and encrypted to offer the best performance and protect your privacy.

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About us

nimbly is made by Flunz, a small studio from Paris, France.
And yes, we drink wine and eat cheese.

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